Product Code: TA 18649
HKD $98

This Mini 4WD model creates the Cannon D Ball, a car which is featured in the modern Mini 4WD cartoon “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro”, in which it is driven by the character Pankuro. It inherits the DNA of the Cannonball models, combining their classic design themes with new and innovative twists. The car utilizes the aerodynamically efficient MA chassis.

The MA (Midship AERO) Chassis has its motor in the center, and features a design which focuses upon achieving outstanding aerodynamic performance. It has a gear ratio of 3.5:1, 6 individual rollers, a rear skid bar and other speedy features developed thanks to years of design experience. The single-piece monocoque frame also guarantees that assembling and keeping the car well-maintained is a task that can be performed by beginners and veteran racers alike.

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