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The Ford Bronco is a famous American 4X4 off-road vehicle. This 1970's model was among the first series called "Early Bronco" which were produced during 1965-1977. Three types of bodies were released; the fully-open "Roadster," the single cabin pick-up "Utility," and the "Wagon" which had a resin roof. The body featured triangular protrusions on both sides on the curved front hood which worked well as a guide for drivers to accurately measure the body size while driving. The front suspension features coil springs combined with the rigid axle, which was a first for mass-produced 4X4 vehicles and works well both on-road and off-road. The Bronco is still greatly popular around the world, particularly in America, where many are used as cross-country and rock crawling vehicles.
Construction typeAssembly kit
Terrain useOff-Road
Drive typeGearbox
Drive lineSolid axle
Differential typeGear
Steering mechanismDirect servo
Shock damperOil-filled damper
Shock damper materialPlastic
Tire typeRubber
Tire treadBlock-pattern
Body materialPolycarbonate
Chassis materialAluminum & plastic
Electronic Speed Control (ESC)Not included
ESC modelN/A
LED Light bucketsYes
LED lightsSold separately
Motor540-brushed type
BearingsShielded ball bearing
Adjustable camberFixed
Adjustable toe anglesFront and rear
Adjustable ground clearanceYes
Adjustable gear ratioYes
Adjustable wheelbaseYes
Adjustable track widthFixed
Adjustable shock angleYes
Special feature 2The shaft driven chassis features a compact planetary gearbox which transfers power to the wheels, and is small enough to enable a lower center of gravity.
Special feature 3The CR-01 chassis? supreme climbing ability stems from the rigid 4-link suspension with front/rear stabilizers. It is fitted with push rod-actuated oil dampers, with coil springs to act as tension springs.
Special feature 4Front and rear 3-bevel differentials are lockable with a simple turn of a screw to provide even better traction in off-road conditions.
Special feature 5Tires with side tread patterns provide further-enhanced grip.
Requires A7.2 battery & charger
Requires B2-channel radio gear & electronic speed control
Requires CPolycarbonate paint

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