Product Code: TA 58577
HKD $990

This is an updated R/C model of the original FOX off-road buggy originally released in 1985. The 2013 edition is named Novafox. The R/C model retains the dust and dirt resistance features of the original while employing dog-bone type rear drive-shafts to provide the vehicle enhanced reliability.

- Scale:  1/10

- Construction type:  assembly kit

- Terrain use:  off-road

- Drive-train:  2WD

- Drive type:  gearbox

- Drive line:  dog bone

- Differential type:  gear

- Suspension:  fully independent double wishbone

- Steering mechanism:  direct servo

- Shock damper:  friction damper

- Shock damper material:  plastic

- Tire type:  rubber

- Tire tread:  grooved front/pin spike rear

- Body material:  Polycarbonate

- Chassis material:  plastic

- Electronic Speed Control (ESC):  included

- ESC model:  TEU-105BK

- LED Light buckets:  no

- LED lights:  no

- Motor:  540-brushed type

- Bearings:  shielded ball bearing

- Adjustable camber:  fixed

- Adjustable toe angles:  front only

- Adjustable ground clearance:  fixed

- Adjustable gear ratio:  fixed

- Adjustable wheelbase:  fixed

- Adjustable track width:  fixed

- Adjustable shock angle:  fixed

- Special feature 1:  Length: 425mm, Width: 225mm, Height: 133mm.

- Special feature 2:  Durable ABS resin monocoque frame.

- Special feature 3:  Features dual CVA dampers at the rear and 1 horizontally-placed CVA damper at the front.

- Special feature 4:  Gold-colored metal-plated wheels.

- Requires A:  2-channel radio gear

- Requires B:  7.2 battery & charger

- Requires C:  polycarbonate paint

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