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Tamiya 58347 RC Lunch Box - 1/12 CW-01 

Another one of Tamiya's classic creations, the R/C Lunch Box (1st released, 1987) was loved for its camp appearance as much as for its R/C performance. The boxy minivan body raised up over monster truck wheels ensure that this R/C van will get attention anywhere you choose to drive it. Use the sides of the van as a canvas to paint your own original designs for the ultimate conversation piece!

Special feature 1 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit

Special feature 2 Body is white ABS

Special feature 3 wheels are yellow ABS

Special feature 4 Box type frame 2WD chassis is equipped with front swing axle and rear rolling rigid suspension

Special feature 5 Fully-enclosed gearbox protects against dirt and debris

Special feature 6 115mm diameter tires

Special feature 7 Wheelie bar included

Special feature 8 Tamiya TEU-105BK forward and reverse brushed motor speed control. (equipped with low voltage protection feature)

Special feature 9 Includes Tamiya 540 brushed motor

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