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Tamiya 35342 1/35 US 6x6 M792 Gamma Goat Ambulance Truck
About the Gamma Goat
This is a Gama Goat model, which depicts the ambulance version of that unique 6-wheel drive U.S. military vehicle. The Gama Goat was originally commissioned in 1966 as an off-road, amphibious vehicle, a 6-wheel drive truck consisting of a 4-wheel tractor and a 2-wheel carrier module. It employed an articulation joint between the two modules that allowed them to move independently of one another, allowing goat-like nimble traversing of rough terrain. The M792 ambulance truck variant featured additional seats that could be folded out to make a bed for the wounded, a heater to warm up the rear carrier module, and a canvas roof to protect its passengers from the elements. The M792 was deployed in the Invasion of Grenada which took place in 1983.
Features and Specification
  • Scale : 1/35
  • Length: 170mm, width:62 mm
  • Includes 6x6 tractor and carrier modules.
  • Depicts with accuracy features of the M792 ambulance variant such as the folded out seat-cum-bed and heater in the trailer, plus the canvas roof.
  • A poly cap is used to accurately recreate not only the appearance but also the unique movement of the central articulation joint.
  • 2 figures are included, depicting a driver, and a soldier giving instructions.
  • Comes with 2 sets of markings.

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