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Tamiya 89542 1/35 U.S. M60A2 Medium Tank Kit

At the Cutting Edge
The M60A2 was designed to follow the M60A1 as the U.S. main battle tank. While the A1's hull shape was retained the M60A2 featured a number of new design points, not the least of which was a low-profile turret that was fitted with a 152mm combined gun/missile launcher. The tank was capable of firing not only the Shillelagh missile - with a range of 3,000 meters and muzzle velocity of 689m/s - but also conventional and high explosive rounds. This, combined with laser range-finding systems, and a filtration unit designed to protect the crew from attacks with nuclear and chemical weapons, represented an attempt to fit the M60A2 with state-of-the-art technologies of the day. Despite showing good maneuverability and firepower, however, production of the tank was not long-lived and stopped at 540 vehicles.
About the Model
  • This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
  • Length: 208mm, Width: 104mm.
  • The model faithfully captures the form of the tank, including the unusual turret shape as well as the 152mm gun, infrared scope, rear ventilator, stowage basket and more.
  • Turret, main gun, commander's cupola and 12.7mm machine gun are all movable.
  • Sliding driver's hatch is also a movable part, and the turret hatch can be assembled in open or closed fashion.
  • Includes commander and driver figure.

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