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Tamiya 35329 1/35 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 10 Tank
Japan's new homegrown MBT
The Type 10 tank, commissioned in 2010, is the latest generation of tank used by the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF). It features a new Japanese-made 120mm main gun, in addition to modular armor on the turret and hull to give the tank impressive defensive reliability. The small and compact tank features excellent maneuverability, while it is also compatible with the modern C4I network system. Deployment to individual units commenced in 2012, and at present the vehicle is largely being used for educational purposes at the JGSDF's Fuji School. It is seen as a natural replacement for the long-serving Type 74 tank.
Features and Specification
  • 1/35 Scale
  • Length: 273mm, Width: 95mm
  • Exhaustive research of the real tank was facilitated by the cooperation of the JGSDF, leading to a highly accurate recreation of the Type 10's form.
  • Modern turret with modular armor is faithfully recreated.
  • The hull features excellent attention to detail, including a realistic non-slip surface texture.
  • Shape of the flowing rubber side skirts is depicted with realism.
  • Comes with belt-type tracks, plus commander and gunner figures and 3 sets of markings including those to recreate a JGSDF Fuji School Type 10 Armored Division Type 10.
  • Model captures the modern wedge-shaped form of the tank, while guaranteeing uncomplicated assembly.
  • Rear features details such as loading hatch, antenna, grille, exhaust duct and more. The kit includes mesh for recreating the rack.
  • Turret details include the commander's hatch and M2 heavy machine gun. The fine non-slip surface texture adds a further accent of realism to the model.
  • Side skirts are recreated with ripple effect.
  • The rear of the model also features detailed depictions of the grille, exhaust duct and tow cables.
  • Kit includes commander and gunner figures in realistic poses.
  • Belt-type tracks are included to recreate the Type 10's double-pin, single-block tracks.
  • Includes 3 sets of markings, including for a JGSDF Fuji School Armored Division tank.

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