Product Code: TA 57405
HKD $699

This radio control model replicates delivery trikes widely seen making deliveries in Japan. When the model turns, the 3-wheel chassis "leans" into the corner much like their full-size counterparts. The 3-wheel chassis features the motor in the rear section, with the battery in the front. The two sections are linked in the middle, and a steering servo leans the entire front section left and right to effect turns. Furthermore, support arms are linked to the steering servo, and help to right the model if it happens to tip over.

這種無線電控制模式複制了在日本廣泛傳播的交付瑣事。 當模型轉動時,三輪底盤“傾斜”到角落很像其全尺寸的對應物。 三輪機箱的後部有電機,電池在前面。 兩個部分在中間連接,轉向伺服系統使整個前部左右傾斜,以實現轉彎。 此外,支撐臂與轉向伺服系統相連,如果碰巧翻倒,則可幫助對準模型。

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