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This shock set includes parts from Item 50746 CVA Super Mini Shock Set and Item 53440 On-Road Tuned Hard Spring Set. It allows a total overhaul of the TT-02 suspension in one clean and economical swoop. This set is ideal for beginners or first-time upgraders!

Contains parts to make 4 CVA Super Mini oil shock dampers.

Includes 4 each of red (soft), yellow (medium) and blue (hard) springs, allowing complete control over chassis handling setup.

Special feature 1 Length: 445mm, width: 184mm

Special feature 2 The 190 E form is expertly depicted in durable polycarbonate, with separate molded mirror, wing and grille parts, as well as a plated Mercedes-Benz 3-star emblem.

Special feature 3 Marking stickers are included to recreate the numerous sponsor logos, car numbers, etc.

Special feature 4 6 spoke wheels (same design as Celica GT-Four '97 Monte-Carlo - Item 50770) are molded in gold, and paired with slick tires.

Special feature 5 Torque-tuned motor is included.

Special feature 6 Includes the Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (brushless motor and brushed motor compatible)

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