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Yokomo will release their latest 1/12th scale pan car, the Yokomo YRX-12 2019 Edition, at the end of this month.  The 2019 Edition will feature a new design of front suspension, that allows either a king pin or coil suspension option to be used.

The YRX-12 is updated to suit the tracks of the 2019 season!  The changes will provide a car with faster corner speed and so can offer you incredible lap times.

The newly designed aluminum main chassis is included as standard in the kit.  The chassis is milled in places to promote a lower center of gravity, which is needed for high-grip circuits to prevent traction rolls.


The steering response has been improved by moving the center damper forward.  The YRX-12 creates a lot of rear traction, and the improved steering response allows the minimum steering angle to be used and the car to be better balanced through the corners.


The YRX-12 will provide increased corner speeds, better grip and faster laptimes!


For the front suspension of the YRX-12, you can choose from two types, double wishbone with movable upper and lower arms, or a king pin and coil with fixed lower arm.



Moving the center pitch damper forward improves the steering response for faster corner speed.

Change the installation position of the pitching damper toward the front, improve the steering response and the turning ability to lead to time-up

Moving the center pitch damper forward improves the steering response for faster corner speed.




The front body mount is also moved further forward, to support the body better as the speeds get higher and higher every year.  This position makes best use of the available downforce from the bodyshell.  The body mounts are also now mounted on a separate graphite plate on top of the main chassis – this reduces chassis scrub when cornering and so improves speed and provides smoother turning.

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