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Yokomo BD7-2016 High Traction Chassis 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit-en

This is the Yokomo BD7 2016 Black Series 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit. The theme for the 2016 BD7 is a super low center of gravity, featuring an extremely low design for overwhelming cornering speed and throttle response. The design also incorporates small sized differential pulley, which required a redesign of all the related parts, including the black anodized aluminum parts, included as standard. The short big bore shocks have also been reworked to be a highlight of the updated 2016 platform. Users will also find the BD7 2016 includes the optional Front Double Joint Universals (YOKB7-010FWC) as standard equipment. 

Includes additional High Traction Graphite Main Chassis!

The world’s fastest touring car improves AGAIN. It’s another challenge for glory. The challenge was to increase both corner speed and drivability beyond what has ever been achieved before in touring car racing. BD7 2016 sets the precedent once AGAIN. The theme behind the new BD7’16 for chief engineer Yukijiro Umino was "Super flat". It was a bold idea and a big risk to reconsider the current world championship-winning platform. Yukijiro and his team had to ensure they achieved a super low center of gravity without affecting the car’s winning ways.
Clearly drived from thorough testing, smaller sized front and rear pulleys enable set up of each part in lower positions on the chassis, allowing overwhelming speed. This choice makes sense in many ways that further reduce the weight and diameter of the set by a gyroscopic effect to improve the movement performance of the machine as well as throttle response. In addition, the diameter is sufficiently large enough to ensure the damping suits the shorter shock length. Front universal double joints are now standard to ensure racing performance. We achieved the perfect balance because of the BD7’s high performance chassis, thoroughly refining each individual part, the racing spirit of YOKOMO.

Lower CG's 

The lower the center of gravity, roll and pitch due to shifting weight load decreases, reducing ground load variation for the individual tires, while also preventing attitude change, providing both calm and responsive driving. In turn, higher center of gravity (current among touring cars in any brand) makes it harder to stabilize the behavior of machines in the touring car racing scene, requiring measures to enhance the shocks and stabilizers to reduce pitch and roll, and tracking to track gap, such as high speed / high grip in recent years. Building on the Yokomo accumulated know-how, they have made a surprising step forward by refining the basic performance of the BD7 2016  

    •  3.0mm lower drive axle 
    • 6mm lower from the top of the front and rear drive pulley
    • 7.8mm lowered from top of rear shock tower
    • 3mm lower from the top of front and rear upper bulkhead
    • 2mm lower upper deck 


    •  Extremely low center-of-gravity
    • Updated small diff pulleys
    • Updated black anodized aluminum parts w/chamfered edges
    • Updated big bore SLF Short Shock II (now 11.2mm in diameter vs previous 10.2mm shocks) 
    • Front Double Joint Universals included as standard equipment

    Needed To Complete:

    • 2-Channel radio system
    • Electronic Speed Control
    • 540 Motor
    • Steering servo
    • 7.4V LiPo battery pack 
    • Compatible battery charger
    • Touring car tires
    • 190mm touring car body
    • Polycarbonate paint for body

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