Tamiya 35335 1/35德國自走重型反坦克炮Nashorn MM套件

自走的重型反坦克炮Nashorn包裝一個強大的衝擊禮貌的一個猛mamm的71口徑8.8厘米Pak43 / 1槍是第二次世界大戰戰場上最大的之一。 這輛車是在所有可能的急速發展,德國軍隊出人意料的驚喜,滿足像T34和KV-1這樣強大的對手入侵蘇聯後。 最近開發的III / IV車被用作Pak43 / 1炮的基地,它能夠遠距離摧毀敵方坦克。 頂部道路速度為42公里/小時,由於其相對輕的重量24噸。 雖然部署開始於1943年7月在Hornisse的綽號,它被給了新的Nashorn命名從明年一月,據說是在希特勒的命令。 截至1945年3月,生產了439個單位,他們在東部和西部陣地都服役,為德國部隊提供了巨大的火力。
  • 這是一個1/35塑料模型裝配套件。 長度:241mm,寬度:84mm。
  • 對實際車輛的廣泛研究和研究導致這種準確的娛樂強大的形式的Nashorn長8.8厘米的主砲。
  • 1943年5月後車輛的特點,如晚生產槍旅行鎖,無消音排氣管和更多的忠實地描繪。
  • 金屬部件用於允許主槍的實際仰角和俯仰。
  • 皮帶式履帶。
  • 包括冬季制服的4個數字,並且可以放置在大型戰鬥隔間中以向模型添加真實性的另一空氣。
  • 配有3個標記選項,包括東方前車標記。

Tamiya 35335 1/35 German Self-Propelled Heavy Anti-Tank Gun Nashorn MM Kit

8.8cm of Destructive Power
The self-propelled heavy anti-tank gun Nashorn packed a formidable punch courtesy of a mammoth 71-caliber 8.8cm Pak43/1 gun which was one of the largest on the battlefield in WWII. The vehicle was developed in all possible haste after the German Army had the unexpected surprise of meeting such overpowering opponents as the T34 and KV-1 upon its invasion of the Soviet Union. The recently-developed III/IV vehicle was used as a base for the Pak43/1 gun, which was capable of destroying enemy tanks from great distance. Top road speed was 42km/h thanks to its relatively light weight of 24 tons. While deployment started in July 1943 under the moniker of Hornisse, it was given the new Nashorn designation from January of the next year, reportedly at the command of Hitler. 439 units were produced up to March 1945, and they served on both the Eastern and Western Fronts, providing heavy firepower for German forces.
About the Model
  • This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 241mm, Width: 84mm.
  • Extensive research and study of actual vehicles led to this accurate recreation of the imposing form of the Nashorn with long 8.8cm main gun.
  • Features of post-May 1943 vehicles such as late production gun travel lock, muffler-less exhaust pipes and more are faithfully depicted.
  • Metal parts are used to allow realistic elevation and depression of the main gun.
  • Belt-type tracks.
  • 4 figures in winter uniform are included, and can be placed in the large fighting compartment to add a further air of authenticity to the model.
  • Comes with 3 marking options, including Eastern Front vehicle markings.

Image shows assembled and painted kit
Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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