Tamiya 35345 1/35法國中槽SOMUA S35 MM套件

它在哪裡開始 - 第一豹
Ausf.D是著名的德國第二次世界大戰坦克豹的首次變種。 它提供了一個完整的性能包,火力從強大的L / 70 7.5厘米槍,由傾斜裝甲提供優秀的保護,和機動性由於咆哮的700hp汽油發動機。 在1943年1月和9月之間產生了大約840輛Ausf.D黑豹,第一次出現在戰場上的是那一年七月的庫爾斯克戰役。 雖然不是所有的順利航行,黑豹仍然能夠從1500米到2000米範圍內取出大約140蘇聯坦克,所有的時候保護無可挑剔的傾斜板。 Ausf.D之後是改進的Ausf.A和G變種,雖然豹不能阻止對德國的潮流,但它改變了德國裝甲車設計,並保持在前線,直到敵對行動結束。
  • 這是Panther Ausf.D.的1/35塑料模型組裝套件。
  • 長度:254mm,寬度:101mm。
  • 該模型捕獲豹的Ausf.D變體具有精湛的準確性,因為對最終存活的原始Ausf.D的仔細檢查。
  • 無與倫比的精度,由於描繪的表面紋理,如鑄造金屬露台和鋼盔甲電鍍。 直觀的設計提供簡單的裝配,而不犧牲細節。
  • Ausf.D特定功能,如砲塔側煙霧排放器忠實捕獲。
  • 具有現實的帶式軌道。
  • 有2個數字 - 1描繪了塔樓後面的一個船員,和塔樓內的指揮官的軀幹圖。
  • 3個標記選項描繪了庫爾斯克戰役中的坦克。

Tamiya 35345 1/35 French Medium Tank SOMUA S35 MM Kit

Where It All Began - The First Panther
The Ausf.D was the debut variant of the famed German WWII tank Panther. It offered a complete performance package, with firepower from the imposing L/70 7.5cm gun, excellent protection afforded by its sloped armor, and maneuverability thanks to a roaring 700hp gasoline engine. Around 840 Ausf.D Panthers were produced between January and September of 1943, and the first time it appeared on the battlefield was in the Battle of Kursk in July of that year. While it wasn't all smooth sailing, Panthers were still able to take out some 140 Soviet tanks from a range of 1,500 to 2,000 meters, all the while protected impeccably by their sloped plate. The Ausf.D was followed by improved Ausf.A and G variants, and while the Panther was unable to stop the tide from turning against Germany it nonetheless revolutionized German armored vehicle design, and remained on the front line until the end of hostilities.
About the Model
  • This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit of the Panther Ausf.D.
  • Length: 254mm, width: 101mm.
  • The model captures the Ausf.D variant of the Panther with superb accuracy thanks to intensive examination of the final surviving original Ausf.D.
  • Unrivalled precision thanks to depictions of surface texture such as cast metal mantlet and steel armor plating. Intuitive design offers uncomplicated assembly without sacrificing detail.
  • Ausf.D-specific features such as turret-side smoke dischargers are faithfully captured.
  • Features realistic belt-type tracks.
  • Comes with 2 figures - 1 depicting a crewman behind the turret, and a torso figure of the commander inside the turret.
  • The 3 marking options depict tanks from the Battle of Kursk.

Image shows assembled and painted kit
Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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