Tamiya 60751 1/72 FOCKE-WULF FW190 D-9

關於Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9
繼1941年秋季Focke-Wulf Fw190 A系列戰鬥機在英吉利海峽成功進入後,德國RLM要求高空作為戰鬥艦隊的補充,並啟動了三個項目。Fw 190B使用了寶馬801渦輪增壓徑向發動機和加壓駕駛艙,但很少這些建成。 Fw190C由1,750hp戴姆勒奔馳DB603A在線發動機驅動,其中建立了三個原型。 第三高空項目是基於Fo​​cke Wulf Fw190A機身,由Junkers發動機驅動。 機身被延長以容納V-12氣缸,液體冷卻的1,750hp Jumo 213發動機,並且在1941-42的冬天期間進行其初始飛行。產生五個另外的原型,加上一小批Fw190D-0完成從標準生產Fw 190A-7機身。 這些預生產飛機之後是Fq-190D-1,其具有增加的區域垂直翅片和舵。 沒有Fq190 D-2至D-8指定。 Fw-190D9於1944年6月開始生產,早期版本具有平頂蓋,從W.Nr 210001起,具有加侖罩(吹製罩)。 它於1944年9月在德國Achmer與III / JG 54“”Grunherz“”(綠心)戰鬥,作為新Messerschmitt Me262噴氣戰鬥機的頂蓋,然後進入服役。

  • 比例:1/72
  • 長度:142mm
  • 寬度:146mm

Tamiya 60751 1/72 FOCKE-WULF FW190 D-9

About the Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9
Following the successful entry of the Focke-Wulf Fw190 A series of fighter aircraft over the English channel during the autumn of 1941, the German RLM requested a high altitude version to complement the fighter fleet, and three projects were started. The Fw 190B used the B.M.W. 801 turbo-supercharged radial engine and a pressurized cockpit, but very few of these were built. The Fw190C was powered by a 1,750hp Daimler Benz DB603A in-line engine, of which three prototypes were built. The third high altitude project was based on the Focke Wulf Fw190A airframe and powered by a Junkers engine. The fuselage was lengthened to accommodate the V-12 cylinder, liquid cooled, 1,750hp Jumo 213 engine, and made its initial flight during the winter of 1941-42, Five further prototypes were produced, plus a small batch of Fw190 D-0s were completed from standard production Fw 190A-7 airframes. These pre-production aircraft were followed by the Fq-190D-1's which had the increased area vertical fin and rudder. There were no Fq190 D-2 through D-8 designations. The Fw-190D9 began production in June 1944, with early versions having the flat topped canopy, and from W.Nr 210001 onwards having the Galland hood (blown canopy). It went into combat with the III/JG 54 ""Grunherz"" (Green Hearts) in September 1944, at Achmer, Germany, as top cover for the new Messerschmitt Me262 jet fighters then entering service.

Features and specification
  • Scale : 1/72
  • Length : 142mm
  • Width : 146mm


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