Tamiya 61109 1/48 D.520法語Aces w /職員車

法國空軍正式接受D.520作為其主要戰鬥機在1939年,第二次世界大戰開始的一年。 在德國在1940年入侵法國時,沒有多少人在使用,但D.520是少數可以對抗德國空軍的Messerschmitt Bf109飛機和飛行員,如皮埃爾·勒·格蘭和丹尼斯·龐特斯飛行獲得飛行它。 法國投降後,D.520擔任維希法國空軍的主要戰鬥機,並用於反對盟軍在東北部和北非。 在戰爭結束時,自由法國部隊重新奪回的例子再次飛向德國。

  • 長度:183mm,寬度:213mm
  • 機蓋,襟翼和散熱器襟翼可以組裝在打開或關閉位置。
  • 套件包括兩個站立的人物,一個飛行員和一個軍官,以及一個坐著的飛行員。
  • 對於法國航空公司飛行的飛機有三種獨特的標記選項。
  • 還包括一個工作人員汽車套件,使從機箱直接創建機場直升機。

Tamiya 61109 1/48 D.520 French Aces w/Staff Car

About the The Mount of French Aces
The D.520 was officially accepted by the French Air Force to be its mainstay fighter aircraft in 1939, the year that WWII began. Not many were in service at the time of the German invasion of France in 1940, but the D.520 was one of the few aircraft which could counter the Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt Bf109 and pilots such as Pierre Le Gloan and Denis Ponteins earned ace status while flying it. After the French surrender, the D.520 served as the main fighter aircraft for the Vichy French Air Force and were used against the Allies in the Moddle East and North Africa. Near the end of the war, examples which were recaptured by Free French forces were once again flown against Germany.

Features and specification
  • Length: 183mm, Width: 213mm
  • Canopy, flaps, and radiator flap may be assembled in either open or closed positions.
  • Kit includes two standing figures, a pilot and an officer, as well as one seated pilot figure.
  • Comes with three distinctive marking options for aircraft flown by French aces.
  • A staff car kit is also included to enable creation of an airfield diorama straight from the box.


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